Baking… A delicious Way to Reduce Stress!!

Baking promoWith Winter lurking around the corner and the crisp Fall air flowing through our homes comes the joy of spending Sunday afternoons with the oven on and a light dusting of flour.. well lets be honest… everywhere. I have always enjoyed spending time in the kitchen. I grew up sitting on the counter watching my mother cook/bake up a storm. The smell of something sweet and spicy is so comforting. In the past year or so I have been trying to take a healthier approach to baking and have found some stellar recipes! With what seems like every other person theses days having some sort of intolerance to gluten it is even better when the yield is delicious and friendly to even the sensitive consumer. A friend of mine shared this recipe with me the other day and it is officially on the docket for this weekend!

Baking can be a very therapeutic act so open your windows, throw on your apron and indulge in the process of creating these delicious, healthy, Gluten Free muffins!! Maybe even cuddle up with one for your favorite Christmas flick……too early??

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