Hot Rock Massage

Winter is here (already!), and so are our hot rocks! We only offer this special treatment during the winter months (now through February), so make sure you take advantage of this wonderful treatment! Normally priced at $120 for 90 minutes, we are offering our hot rock massage for only $110!

Hot Rock Massage

Hot Stone Massage is different from a typical table massage. The stones are used on different points on the body to help unlock channels of tension–doing most of the work before the therapist does. Think your muscles melt during a typical Custom Therapeutic Massage? Imagine your muscles melting tenfold! Originally Hot Rock Massage was created to implement deep relaxation (which it truly does), but we also like to use it therapeutically. Not only are hot rocks used, but cold ones as well. The heat helps to improve circulation, but in order to prevent the muscles from adapting to it, we switch it up with cold rocks in (the cold stimulates the muscles). This process of hydrotherapy is extremely therapeutic. The rocks are also used as actual massage tools during the session. There are intricate shapes and sizes used for different purposes. All in all, not only is this session deeply relaxing, but it is deeply therapeutic as well. We set the time at 90 minutes (not giving the option for 60) so that there is a proper amount of time for the integration of these rocks with a therapeutic massage.

Basalt Rocks

What kind of rocks or stones are used in a “Hot Rock Massage” and where do they come from? How did we decide to use these particular rocks for this kind of massage?

Basalt rocks are a combination of the earth’s core and crust. The process in which they are formed begin in the earth’s core (or magma), eventually being released through volcanoes after excessive pressure coming from that core. Their journey ends when that same magma (which has now become lava from those volcanic eruption) comes into contact with rivers and other bodies of water–they are then cooled very quickly and form into pockets of basalt. After periods of time, these “pockets” form into smooth stones after being tossed & turned in our rivers and streams.

So it makes sense that these “hot rocks/stones” are a perfect tool in a hot rock massage–they are able to retain such high temperatures because of where they came from–the earth’s heated core. These rocks are truly special! They have literally journeyed from the depths of our earth back up to the crusty surface, all the while undergoing extreme temperatures of hot and cold—imagine the power they carry when integrated into a massage…pretty amazing!


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