“I had a 90 minute hot stone massage with Kaitlyn last night. It was AMAZING! I have had many massage throughout the years, but the massages I have had with Kaitlyn are some of the very best. The hot stone massage was a nice touch as well. Very soothing and relaxing.”

-Allison B

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“Kaytlin is amazing! Her massages really helped me, pair that with attentive and sweet personality and you won’t be able to find a better massage! You can see she cares and it comes through in every session.”

-Lesya Liu

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“My massage with Kaytlin was one of the best I’ve ever received. I needed a mental / stress break from studying and was able to “zone out” for an hour, and at the end, nothing hurt and I felt incredibly refreshed. I mentioned that I was a runner and she was very thorough in finding and fixing the inevitable knots and tightness in all of the muscles…”

-Tim Thompson

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