Therapeutic Massage

Draws from Deep Tissue, Swedish, Trigger Point Therapy and Sports massage. Since each individual’s reason for visiting is different, your session is customized to fit your specific needs. This massage is performed on a massage table. Any special requests or needs (i.e. help getting on/off table, extra pillows, allergies) should be listed on the intake form so we can best accommodate you.

Prenatal Massage

Supports the mother-to-be’s body through changes brought on by pregnancy. Improves circulation, helps to decrease swelling, relieves muscle/joint soreness and promotes feelings of relaxation and well-being. Please note in intake form the current month of pregnancy.

Postnatal Massage

Aids new mother’s throughout the healing process following birth or C-section. Realigns posture, tightens/tones stretched out areas such as the abdominal and hip regions. The mental relaxation brought on by massage can also help mother’s health emotionally.

Session Options

60 minute – $90

90 minute – $115

120 minute – $145

add  30 mins +45

Massage Packages

purchase in bulk and save $20

3 Pack 60 – $250

3 Pack 90 – $325

3 Pack 120 – $415

5 Pack 60 – $430

5 Pack 90 – $555

5 Pack 120 – $705

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More Services

On-Site Chair Massage – $175

Bring wellness to your office or party (maximum six people) as a treat to relax, inspire and increase productivity. Due to travel planning, please book two weeks in advance. These sessions are only available in two hour blocks.

Free Health Goals Consult

Reaching your goals in health and wellness without proper support and accountability can be difficult. Allow Take Care Therapeutics to be that resource for you. This 30 minute session can be done in person, on the phone or via video chat. Discuss goals you have, blocks that are keeping you from attaining them and create a holistic care regimen to help you achieve optimal health.

Gut Healing Program

After an initial health assessment, a targeted nutritional and bodywork plan is created based on your current physical and mental health. The connection between an unbalanced gut and issues ranging from depression/anxiety to poor sleep to brain fog and even trouble losing weight is at the forefront of many scientific studies right now. Addressing the underlying issues and root cause of health issues can lead to more progress with bodywork and a significantly healthier life. Price dependent on program created.


Students, Teachers, Military, Veterans, Law Enforcement, and EMS get a 15% discount (must provide proof)