Strategies to Reduce Your Body Burden

Clean EatingTis the season for indulging, Holiday sweets and treats and mug upon mug of eggnog. Our attention tends to stray from our health during this time of the year. Though the minute it becomes January 1, 2018 our focus is snapped back to our health as everyone speaks of New Year’s resolutions and the latest fad diet, etc. Cleanses or detox programs are all the rage and a great way to decrease your toxic load and start down the path to healthier living. Yet it’s important to be careful which program you follow as most of them tend to be a quick fix, non sustainable and definitely not conducive to living healthier, longer.

What is ‘toxic load’ you may be asking? It’s not just poor food choices that contribute to the toxic burden on our bodies. A toxin is a synthetic material (chemical or poison) known to have harmful effects on the body. Our daily exposure to toxins comes from cleaning products, personal care products, air pollution and even our food! Our bodies are naturally set up to detox through the liver and kidneys but the sheer amount of toxins in our environment these days, it is impossible for our organs to keep up. This overexposure causes a build up of toxins which decreases their ability to rid the body properly. Toxins that aren’t processed out of the body build up and generate free radicals which are, for the most part, at the root of many diseases and sickness. Thus begins the vicious cycle of being sick, overweight and unhappy.

Here are 5 easy ways to start reducing your toxic load and living the healthy life you deserve:

  1. Eat Whole Foods : Cruciferous vegetables can aid your liver in it’s natural detoxing of the body. If it comes from the ground, and is Organic preferably, you can be you will have a lot less bloat, fatigue and general blahhh feeling. *Organic is important as they will have a lot less, or no exposure to pesticides, etc.
  2. Clean Green: Household cleaners are loaded with harmful chemicals that end up on every surface you come into contact to. Your home should be the healthiest place you can be but because of these chemicals, it really isn’t and they can lead to an array of health issues from allergies to asthma. Choosing cleaners that are green, biodegradable and safe for you and your loved ones is extremely important in keeping your bodies detox abilities in top shape!
  3. Personal Care Detox: The average woman used 12 personal care products per day! Most often these products are loads with endocrine disruptors that can interfere with your bodies normal hormone function and can lead to problems in normal physiological processes such as fertility. Switching to a brand that is supported by science and clinical studies that prove safe efficacy is important. Switch to chemical free products where possible (think shampoo, soap, deodorant, skincare and makeup)
  4. Get Moving: Whether it’s walking for 20-30 minutes a day or attending a nightly zumba class, regular exercise helps the bodies lymphatic system be more efficient and healthy.
  5. Detox/Cleanse: This tends to be a touchy/confusing subject with most people but it can be a great way to boost the natural processes of the digestive system. When speaking about detoxing or cleansing, choosing a whole food based option is best. Drinking nothing but cayenne pepper and lemon water is NOT going to make you feel healthier and will definitely not be a sustainable solution to whatever your goal may be (weightloss, decrease bloating, etc.). There are some great herbs that are incredibly helpful when detoxing such as Alfalfa and Milk Thistle. Choosing to eat clean, whole foods and supplement with clean, safe herbs/greens is a much safer, more sustainable option.

Those are just a few of the ways you can lower the burden on your body from the environment. Right now is a great time to start focusing on these types of changes in your life, especially with how our environmental condition is.  Of course, these are all changes that take time to get used to but with the coming new year, what better time to start?


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