Take Care Therapeutics is now offering comprehensive wellness plans to help you reach your goals on and off of the massage table!

The root of most disease states, low vigor and inability to reach health goals can be traced back to an unbalanced microbiome (aka your gut). At Take Care we are following our gut, and science, to offer health programs that bring balance to your gut, optimize communication between it and brain and improve your overall health. Internal balance can enhance the benefits of massage and other wellness practices since all seek to improve overall health, vitality and energy levels. All programs are tailored to your individual needs and health goals. By consistently receiving massage, practicing yoga and balancing your gut you will be able to track and measure your treatment success over time.

We are proud to partner with the world’s first mental wellness company to offer you more comprehensive care. Complete your health assessment to get started today!

We look forward to supporting you on your journey to better overall health!!

Once finished, book your complimentary 30 minute phone review and planning session.